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We stress the importance of regular dental exams, so that problems can be identified early while they are easier to treat.


This includes whitening, porcelain veneer, porcelain crown, bonding, porcelain restoration.


Dr. Julie Michalko and Dr. Matthew Taylor welcome children.


It is our pleasure to welcome your family to the offices of Dr. Julie Michalko. We specialize in gentle and friendly care and look forward to treating all your dental needs.

Our recently renovated office includes digital radiography which allows us to take excellent quality x-rays and greatly reduce radiation exposure, compared with conventional x-rays. Our family dental practice is dedicated to giving optimal care to our patients. We keep you educated and informed about your dental care needs and work together to make the best decisions in maintaining your dental health. We strive to do this in a relaxing, compassionate and fair manner for all of our patients. We are fully committed to maintaining a healthy, clean office and comply with all regulations regarding disinfection and sterilization.

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